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Name: nCipher Security


Name: Ncipher Corp Ltd

2008-10-06 17:52:11

Name: Sander Temme

Note: Thales e-Security acquired nCipher in 2008... about time we requested an update to the database!

Thales e-Security


2017-08-30 14:12:05

Name: Thales e-Security

Note: nee nCipher


2017-08-31 12:03:13

Name: Thales e-Security

Note: née nCipher

Keeping a reference to the original name makes sense. The French "née" (for "born") should have an accent aigu on the first e. If this is problematic due to formatting, we might consider "formerly nCipher" for the note field.


2017-08-31 16:50:17

In a development that no one foresaw, the nShield product line that uses this Vendor ID is being spun out by Thales into a business entity named "nCipher Security". I would like to request that you change the Vendor ID for 0100 accordingly.

Thank you in advance.


2019-01-04 21:53:11

Name: nCipher Security

Note: acquired by Thales

There's no entries using this vendor right now, so changing it is no problem.


2019-01-05 16:22:07

@AlbertP re: the note "acquired by Thales:" the exact opposite is happening, and Thales is divesting the nCipher business. So this note would not be necessary unless you want to record that the vendor code once was used by a subsidiary of Thales Group.


2019-01-07 09:19:53

Name: nCipher Security


2019-01-07 13:56:11



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