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Name: VSC452 dev ID [Super BMC]

device ID for MAXIM VSC452 Super BMC chip


2008-05-13 00:45:33

sorry, this is not a vendor entry


2008-08-20 13:00:55

Name: PCI Device ID for Maxim Integrated Products Super BMC with Video chip


2008-09-29 18:31:59

Could you please propose a better name?


2008-10-10 11:50:02

Name: VSC452 [SuperBMC]

Note: Maxim VSC452 Super BMC Controller with Video

I am trying to get this device properly registered in your database. The device is manufactured by Maxim Integrated Products. The division manufacturing this part was recently acquired from Vitesse Semiconductor, so some of the ID's may still reflect this. The marketing name for this device is VSC452 Super Baseboard Management Controller with Video, or SuperBMC. The Device is marked with "MAXIM VSC452". The PCI accessible portion of this chip appears as a Matrox g200eV video controller behind a bridge. Here are all the relevant ID's

Structure Subsystem ID = 0369h
Structure Subsystem Vendor ID = 1014h
PCI Device ID = 0452h
Vendor ID = 101Bh
PCIe Class Code = 060400h

I would like to get all the pertinent ID fields into the database


2008-10-16 18:35:38

OK, so please add an entry for the vendor first (MAXIM, if you are not sure) and then a device entry below this vendor.


2008-10-16 23:17:10

Deletion request

OK, I did not understand how this worked, but now I think I have it.
I have requested deletion of 0452 from Vendor ID list. I put device ID 0452 under vendor ID 101b (Vitesse) since this is what is reported by the chip


2008-10-20 23:46:13



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