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Name: SB200 PCI to PCI Bridge


Name: IXP200 3COM 3C920B Ethernet Controller


2008-02-07 19:02:00

Deletion request

I believe the original contributor attached this description to the wrong ID. lspci describes this device as a bridge, not a NIC. If you look at the lspci output for the Asus Pundit-R motherboard (see e.g., which uses the IXP200 southbridge, you can see that its integrated 3Com NIC has a 3Com ID: 10b7:9202, even though it also lists 1002:4342. That 3Com ID is described in this DB as being integrated in another ATI southbridge, which corroborates my theory.


2017-05-18 21:51:41

Given the 3Com is on bus 2 in the lspci, it is likely that this is an internal bridge linking the 3Com device to the chipset, given the only other bridge in the lspci output is already known as the AGP bridge. (a more verbose lspci output, or a dmesg output, could confirm this.)
Why ATI didn't make this bridge transparent (ie invisible in lspci), I don't know. Other manufacturers like SiS did that at the time.


2017-05-24 20:58:00

Name: SB200 [PCI to PCI Bridge]


2019-01-18 18:51:08

Name: SB200 PCI to PCI Bridge


2019-01-19 17:04:52



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