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Name: Rage 128 (Rage 4) series


Name: Rage 128 RF/SG AGP

2008-10-06 17:52:13

Name: Rage Fury/Xpert 128/Xpert 2000 AGP 2x


2013-03-17 19:22:40

Name: Rage 4 [Rage Fury/Xpert 128/Xpert 2000 AGP]


2018-03-22 02:47:03

I'd like to discuss the current name because of a couple of reasons.

1) The part "Rage 4" refers to the generation of "Rage" chipsets and is correct, but those are known better by their code names rather than their generation numbers, which is "Rage 128".
2) The part in square brackets lists a subset of ATI marketing names for cards using this ID. It ignores various cards having entries in the subsystem IDs of this ID. It ignires also that many OEM cards use the same ID.

Listing all marketing names in the square brackets makes no sense, there are too many, because this ID ist the one most "Rage 128" based chips use.
On the other hand, the current listing is misleading. For example, none of the "All-In-Wonder" cards (see the two "AIW" subsystems) is a "special case" of the "Rage Fury" , the "Xpert 128", or the "Xpert 2000 AGP". "All-In-Wonder" is simply a marketing name for some late "Rage" and early "Radeon" cards.


2019-04-06 03:40:00

About the "generation" of "Rage" chipsets:
generation 1: the original "Rage" ("3D" has been added a bit later to make clear that it's the first design with 3D acceleration functions.)
generation 2: Rage II / II+ / II+DVD / IIc / LT
generation 3: 3D Rage Pro / Rage LT Pro / RAGE XL
generation 4: Rage 128
generation 5: Rage 128 Pro / Rage Fury MAXX
generation 6: renamed to "Radeon"
This means "Rage 4" = "Rage 128". In fact, any of the names mentioned in either the subsystem or main IDs are based on the "Rage 128" design.


2019-04-06 03:50:58

Name: Rage 128 (Rage 4) series

I've found this same ID on an OEM card with only a "Rage 128" imprint.

I therefore suggest to use a generic name here which includes all cards.

I'd really like to have more information included than only the chipset design, but there are too many cards using this ID to list them all, while using a small subset of ATI marketing names is misleading in most cases because of the large number of OEM designs using this same ID.


2019-04-06 03:59:43



Id Name Note
1002 0004Magnum/Xpert 128/Xpert 99
1002 0008Rage 128 AGP 2x
1002 0028Rage 128 AIW AGP
1002 0044Rage Fury/Xpert 128/Xpert 2000
1002 0068Rage 128 AIW AGP
1002 0448Rage Fury

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