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Name: RD9x0/RX980 Host Bridge


Name: RD890 pci to pci bridge (external gfx0 port B)


2007-08-07 11:30:29

Name: RD890 PCI to PCI bridge (external gfx0 port B)


2007-08-14 11:28:20

The AMD 990FX Motherboard Chipset uses the same ID && subsystem ID.

Info from Win 7 x64 :
PCI standard host CPU bridge

Might want to change the entry to one of the following :
[AMD/ATI] SBx00 PCI to PCI bridge (external gfx0 port B)
[AMD/ATI] SB8x0/SB9x0 PCI to PCI bridge (external gfx0 port B)


2016-07-12 15:12:31

Name: RD9x0/RX980 Host Bridge

These 1002:5Axx entries are part of the northbridge, not the SBxxx southbridge.

I dug up some AMD documentation ( and it appears the gfx0 port B is 5a17, and 5a14 is the 9xx series host bridge.
The one for the 890FX chipset (RD890) is under NDA but it appears from lspci entries that the RD890 uses basically the same id's except for its northbridge which is 5a11.

By the way GPP is not graphics port, it's for anything other than graphics.


2016-07-12 23:44:19



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