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Name: Opal PRO [Radeon R7 M260X]


Name: Mars [Radeon R7 M260]


2013-09-26 19:34:15

Name: Opal PRO [Radeon R7 M260]


2014-03-15 01:49:00

Name: Oland/Opal [Radeon R7 M260]

The VGA device is actually a Oland:

See for example
[ 7.088912] [drm] initializing kernel modesetting (OLAND 0x1002:0x6605 0x103C:0x2259).

Maybe removing "Opal" completely from the expression, is the proper way.


2016-02-28 23:06:09

Name: Opal PRO [Radeon R7 M260X]


2018-02-17 21:49:58

Name: Opal/Oland PRO [Radeon R7 M260X]

As discussed previously, imho they should be called Oland


2018-02-18 15:59:30

its not oland labeled, in fact nothing mobile is labeled olan even if the asic is oland


2018-02-18 20:11:43

AMD OPAL XT/GL is the offical codename for 6604
Oland is desktop only, all the mobile chips have codenames that are different from the main chip name, amd is known for this.
we just have to deal with it for now


2018-02-18 20:17:29

Name: Opal XT [Radeon R7 M260]


2018-02-18 20:21:11

omg im so confused, leave it the was it is now, im confused with 6604 and 6605, 6604 is Opal XT, 6605 is Opal PRO


2018-02-18 20:24:49

Name: its the M260X one


2018-02-18 20:26:10

I am really not sure what you mean by "mobile chips have different codenames". As far as I know there is no difference in "codenames", just have a look at the following links and try to locate "Opal":


2018-03-11 00:41:39

those are not original sources
amd has confirmed these codenames in the past, maybe you should look?
we didnt just make them up, all the mobile chips are identical to desktop but they DONT have the same codenames, they never have originally

6605 Opal
6665 Jet
6900 Topaz
6921 Amethyst
and there is more of each but giving examples
every mobile series has a system made by AMD, this is the crystal system


2018-03-11 04:54:40

also this has no desktop variant and no mobile chip actually uses the Oland name its desktop and workstation only. the Tonga and Amethyst entry we have is because the desktop Tonga chip is included with the mobile Amethyst.


2018-03-11 05:05:08



Id Name Note
103c 2259FirePro M4150

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