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Name: Whistler [Radeon HD 6630M/6650M/6750M/7670M/7690M]


Name: NI Whistler - [AMD Radeon HD 6600M Series]


2010-11-04 20:03:11

Name: NI Whistler [AMD Radeon HD 6600M Series]

Please do not insert the hyphen, it is syntantically wrong.


2010-11-06 17:43:16

Name: Whistler [AMD Radeon HD 6600M Series]


2011-09-24 17:06:19

Name: Whistler [Radeon HD 6600M/6700M Series]


2013-03-16 19:30:37

Name: Whistler [Radeon HD 6600M/6700M/7600M Series]


2013-03-17 15:19:02

Name: [Radeon HD 6600M/6750M/7600M Series]


2013-05-28 16:52:56

Name: Whistler [Radeon HD 6600M/6750M/7600M Series]


2013-05-28 16:53:13

Name: Whistler [Radeon HD 6630M/6650M/6750M/7670M/7690M]


2013-05-28 17:10:58

Name: Whistler/Turks [Radeon HD 6630M/6650M/6750M/7670M/7690M]

Most graphics cards show their Code Name and not the Model Number. At least provide the Code Name on cards where there is an additional Model Number.


2016-02-14 16:35:43

this is not a desktop chip, nowhere n the bios does it show as turks... it is Whistler...


2016-02-14 20:49:30

afaik The code name of the VGA chip is Turks, see for example . While the "Model Name" is Whistler.


2016-02-19 19:17:10



Id Name Note
1019 238eRadeon HD 6650M
1019 238fRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0379Radeon HD 6650M
1025 037bRadeon HD 6650M
1025 037eRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0382Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0384Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0385Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0386Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0387Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0388Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0442Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0451Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0489Radeon HD 6650M
1025 048bRadeon HD 6650M
1025 048cRadeon HD 6650M
1025 050aRadeon HD 6650M
1025 050bRadeon HD 6650M
1025 050cRadeon HD 6650M
1025 050eRadeon HD 6650M
1025 050fRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0513Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0514Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0515Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0516Radeon HD 6650M
1025 051eRadeon HD 6650M
1025 051fRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0520Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0521Radeon HD 6650M
1025 052aRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0555Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0556Radeon HD 6650M
1025 055dRadeon HD 6650M
1025 055eRadeon HD 6650M
1025 056dRadeon HD 6650M
1025 059aRadeon HD 6650M
1025 059bRadeon HD 6650M
1025 059eRadeon HD 6650M
1025 059fRadeon HD 6650M
1025 0600Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0605Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0606Radeon HD 6650M
1025 0619Radeon HD 6650M
1028 04c1Radeon HD 6630M
1028 04c5Radeon HD 6630M
1028 04cdRadeon HD 6630M
1028 04d7Radeon HD 6630M
1028 04d9Radeon HD 6630M
1028 052dRadeon HD 6630M
103c 1617Radeon HD 6650M
103c 1646Radeon HD 6750M
103c 1647Radeon HD 6650M
103c 164bRadeon HD 6650M
103c 164eRadeon HD 6650M
103c 1688Radeon HD 6750M
103c 1689Radeon HD 6750M
103c 168aRadeon HD 6750M
103c 1860Radeon HD 7690M
103c 3385Radeon HD 6630M
103c 3560Radeon HD 6750M
103c 358dRadeon HD 6750M
103c 3590Radeon HD 6750M
103c 3593Radeon HD 6750M
103c 366cRadeon HD 6650M
1043 1cd2Radeon HD 6650M
1043 2121Radeon HD 6650M
1043 2122Radeon HD 6650M
1043 2123Radeon HD 6650M
1043 2125Radeon HD 7670M
1043 2127Radeon HD 7670M
104d 907bRadeon HD 6630M
104d 9080Radeon HD 6630M
104d 9081Radeon HD 6630M
106b 00e2MacBookPro8,2 [Core i7, 15", Late 2011]
1179 fd63Radeon HD 6630M
1179 fd65Radeon HD 6630M
144d c093Radeon HD 6650M
144d c0acRadeon HD 6650M
144d c0b3Radeon HD 6750M
144d c539Radeon HD 6630M
144d c609Radeon HD 6630M
152d 0914Radeon HD 6650M
17aa 21e1Radeon HD 6630M
17aa 3970Radeon HD 6650M
17aa 3976Radeon HD 6650M
1854 0907Radeon HD 6650M

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