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Name: Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]


Name: NI Seymour - [AMD Radeon HD 6470M]


2010-11-04 19:58:36

Name: NI Seymour [AMD Radeon HD 6470M]


2010-11-06 17:43:16

Name: Seymour XT [Radeon HD 6470M/6490M]

Also found on Radeon HD 6490M


2011-10-13 13:25:30

Name: Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M Series]

Also found on 6450M which is not a Seymour XT but a Seymour Pro


2011-10-13 13:39:35

Name: Seymour XT/PRO [Radeon HD 7400M Series]

rebrand to 7400M series.


2012-05-22 11:37:26

Name: Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M Series]


2012-08-09 17:18:08

Name: Caicos [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]

Ok, so you can't agree if it's a 6400M or 7400M? It'll be both. 7400M is a clone of the 6400M series, actually, with a higher model number to make it look new.


2012-08-14 10:43:23

Name: Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]


2013-03-17 15:23:30



Id Name Note
1002 0124Radeon HD 6470M
1002 0134Radeon HD 6470M
1019 238bRadeon HD 6470M
1019 238eRadeon HD 6470M
1019 2390Radeon HD 6470M
1019 9985Radeon HD 6470M
1028 04c1Radeon HD 6470M
1028 04c3Radeon HD 6470M
1028 04caRadeon HD 6470M
1028 04cbRadeon HD 6470M
1028 04ccVostro 3350
1028 04d1Radeon HD 6470M
1028 04d3Radeon HD 6470M
1028 04d7Radeon HD 6470M
1028 0502Radeon HD 6470M
1028 0503Radeon HD 6470M
1028 0506Radeon HD 6470M
1028 0507Radeon HD 6470M
1028 0514Radeon HD 6470M
1028 051cRadeon HD 6450M
1028 051dRadeon HD 6450M
103c 161aRadeon HD 6470M
103c 161bRadeon HD 6470M
103c 161eRadeon HD 6470M
103c 161fRadeon HD 6470M
103c 1622Radeon HD 6450M
103c 1623Radeon HD 6450M
103c 164aRadeon HD 6470M
103c 164dRadeon HD 6470M
103c 1651Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1656Radeon HD 6490M
103c 1658Radeon HD 6490M
103c 1659Radeon HD 6490M
103c 165bRadeon HD 6490M
103c 165dRadeon HD 6470M
103c 165fRadeon HD 6470M
103c 1661Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1663Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1665Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1667Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1669Radeon HD 6470M
103c 166bRadeon HD 6470M
103c 166cRadeon HD 6470M
103c 166eRadeon HD 6470M
103c 1670Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1672Radeon HD 6470M
103c 167aRadeon HD 6470M
103c 167bRadeon HD 6470M
103c 167dRadeon HD 6490M
103c 167fRadeon HD 6490M
103c 168cRadeon HD 6470M
103c 168fRadeon HD 6470M
103c 1694Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1696Radeon HD 6470M
103c 1698Radeon HD 6470M
103c 169aRadeon HD 6470M
103c 169cRadeon HD 6490M
103c 1855Radeon HD 7450M
103c 1859Radeon HD 7450M
103c 185cRadeon HD 7450M
103c 185dRadeon HD 7470M
103c 185fRadeon HD 7470M
103c 1863Radeon HD 7450M
103c 355cRadeon HD 6490M
103c 355fRadeon HD 6490M
103c 3563Radeon HD 6470M
103c 3565Radeon HD 6470M
103c 3567Radeon HD 6470M
103c 3569Radeon HD 6470M
103c 3581Radeon HD 6490M
103c 3584Radeon HD 6470M
103c 358cRadeon HD 6490M
103c 358fRadeon HD 6490M
103c 3592Radeon HD 6490M
103c 3596Radeon HD 6490M
103c 366bRadeon HD 6470M
103c 3671FirePro M3900
103c 3673Radeon HD 6470M
1043 100aRadeon HD 7470M
1043 100cRadeon HD 6470M
1043 101bRadeon HD 6470M
1043 101cRadeon HD 6470M
1043 102aRadeon HD 7450M
1043 102cRadeon HD 6470M
1043 104bRadeon HD 7470M
1043 105dRadeon HD 7470M
1043 106bRadeon HD 7470M
1043 106dRadeon HD 7470M
1043 107dRadeon HD 7470M
1043 1cb2Radeon HD 6470M
1043 1d22Radeon HD 6470M
1043 1d32Radeon HD 6470M
1043 2001Radeon HD 6470M
1043 2002Radeon HD 7470M
1043 2107Radeon HD 7470M
1043 2108Radeon HD 7470M
1043 2109Radeon HD 7470M
1043 84a0Radeon HD 6470M
1043 84e9Radeon HD 6470M
1043 8515Radeon HD 7470M
1043 8517Radeon HD 7470M
1043 855aRadeon HD 7470M
104d 907bRadeon HD 6470M
104d 9081Radeon HD 6470M
104d 9084Radeon HD 6470M
104d 9085Radeon HD 6470M
1179 0001Radeon HD 6450M
1179 0003Radeon HD 6450M
1179 0004Radeon HD 6450M
1179 fb22Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb23Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb2cRadeon HD 7470M
1179 fb31Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb32Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb33Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb38Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb39Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb3aRadeon HD 7470M
1179 fb40Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb41Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb42Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb47Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb48Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb51Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb52Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb53Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb81Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb82Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fb83Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fc51Radeon HD 6470M
1179 fc52Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fc56Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fcd3Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fcd4Radeon HD 7470M
1179 fceeRadeon HD 7470M
1179 fdeeRadeon HD 7470M
144d b074Radeon HD 6470M
144d b084Radeon HD 6470M
144d c095Radeon HD 6470M
144d c0b3Radeon HD 6490M
144d c538Radeon HD 6470M
144d c581Radeon HD 6470M
144d c589Radeon HD 6470M
144d c609Radeon HD 7470M
144d c625Radeon HD 7470M
144d c636Radeon HD 7450M
1462 10acRadeon HD 6470M
152d 0916Radeon HD 6470M
17aa 21e5Radeon HD 6470M
17aa 3900Radeon HD 7450M
17aa 3902Radeon HD 7450M
17aa 3969Radeon HD 6470M
17aa 3970Radeon HD 7450M
17aa 3976Radeon HD 6470M
17aa 397bRadeon HD 6470M
17aa 397dRadeon HD 6470M
17aa 5101Radeon HD 7470M
17aa 5102Radeon HD 7450M
17aa 5103Radeon HD 7450M
17aa 5106Radeon HD 7450M
1854 0897Radeon HD 6470M
1854 0900Radeon HD 6470M
1854 0908Radeon HD 6470M
1854 2015Radeon HD 6470M

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