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Name: New Zealand [Radeon HD 7990]

Launch in 2012


2011-09-24 18:17:27

Deletion request

this id does not exist in the wild yet, I added the retail board dev id for 7990 in the 7970 subsystems


2013-03-12 23:42:17

@ T4CFantasy: Some of AMD's customers want the devices (at least codename) to be in this database. So ID's for devices that are not released yet, are better kept here.

In this case I'll accept the deletion request, since this ID did not come from an AMD employee. I can't remember anymore where I got it from.


2013-03-13 13:15:42

you probably got it fro mthe techpowerup april fools joke on the 7990 gpu z screenshot


2013-03-13 19:46:28

Name: New Zealand [Radeon HD 7900 Series]

turns out its real afterall


2013-03-14 19:16:56

And it's 7990? Don't know of any other New Zealand hardware.


2013-03-14 21:10:45

the dev driver just says 7900 series which is typical, as soon as the card is validated by a customer or employee on its exact sku then it should be 7900 series because remember there is going to be a HD 7990 XT/7990/Malta depending on what amd decides is the best market stregy to fight the GeForce titan


2013-03-14 21:58:05

Deletion request

doesnt exist in wild


2017-07-01 04:22:39



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