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Name: Tonga PRO GL [FirePro W7100]


Name: Tonga XT GL [FirePro W8100]


2014-05-19 06:26:33

Name: Tonga Pro GL [FirePro W7100]

Note: Name Tonga Pro GL was taken from AMD board spec for the FirePro W7100

This ID currently maps to Tonga XT GL [FirePro W8100] which I believe is an error or a typo.

The next entry 692f also maps to Tonga XT GL [FirePro W8100].

I'm testing the FirePro W7100 for a Red Hat hardware certification and it reports 1002:692b as its PCI ID.


2014-10-14 08:03:01

Name: Tonga PRO GL [FirePro W7100]

thanks for finding this!


2014-10-14 15:35:16



Id Name Note
13cc 3d2bMXRT-7600

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