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Name: RS690/RS740 Host Bridge


Name: RS740 Host Bridge

I found this ID on a RS740 chipset on a N15235 / A74MX-K mainboard from Foxconn:

Perhaps the "1020:7910" main entry for the RS690 in this datbase is actually this subsystem?

As long as there is is no clarification by a RS690 user, I suggest to use "RS690/RS740 Host Bridge" as the name for device "1002:7911", and "RS740 Host Bridge" for the subsystem "1002:7911:1002:7910".


2017-10-06 10:35:12

This is the default ID for RS690 too according to AMD documentation at, so I think it makes sense not to put RS740 in these subsystems.


2017-10-08 20:42:04

Name: RS690/RS740 Host Bridge

I investigated a bit further, and didn't find much information. Looking into the things others have gathered at Wikipedia, your findings seem to be accurate, AlbertP. It's clear that there are no differences in programming between RS690 and RS740 chipsets, the practical difference being a higher possible clock rate (500MHz instead of 400MHz for the graphics part) due to the smaller structures.

So I now suggest to name this subsystem "RS690/RS740 Host Bridge" to make clear to the average user that it is nothing special. The 7910 differs from the man ID 7911; thus even those "lspci" implementations which use the main ID as a fallback would regard this as an unknown ID otherwise.


2017-10-11 15:16:17