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Name: RS690/RS740 Host Bridge


Name: RS690 Host Bridge


2008-03-26 04:05:05

Name: RS690/RS740 Host Bridge

I found this ID on a RS740 chipset on a N15235 / A74MX-K mainboard from Foxconn:

So "1002:7911" is actually either the ID for the RS740 exclusively (since there is already a "1020:7910" entry for the RS690 in this datbase), or it is used for both chipsets.


2017-10-06 10:24:08

See AMD's documentation:\
7910 default, 7911 alternate ID.

I am not able to find comparable documentation for RS740 but it looks like that is simply the same chip made on a smaller (55nm) production process.


2017-10-08 20:42:04



Id Name Note
1002 7910RS690/RS740 Host Bridge

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