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Name: Trinity [Radeon HD 7640G]


Name: AMD Radeon HD7640G


2013-01-18 03:17:00

Name: Radeon HD7640G graphics adapter

Note: I'm not sure how to correct the name of the device in the list.

I evidently entered the name incorrectly. It is the Radeon HD7640G graphics adapter


2013-01-18 03:24:19

Name: Trinity [Radeon HD 7640G]

All entries here have to be accepted by a maintainer, that's why it did not immediately get accepted. Radeon HD 7640G is right if you don't know the codename of the device. For the moment the 7xxxG and 7xxxD are named Trinity here, but it's not a problem that you did not know this codename.
Except for repeating the vendor name AMD, you did it right at first.


2013-01-18 13:48:00



Id Name Note
103c 1952ProBook 455 G1 Notebook
103c 194eProBook 455 G1 Notebook

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