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Name: Tahiti/Aruba CEC_ID


2019-01-23 19:29:46

Hi, I assume these CEC IDs are something internal to the HDMI standard and not visible directly on a PCI bus?


2019-01-28 16:21:58

Name: they are definitely internal yes, just thought i would add


2019-01-28 18:45:40

Well my experience with other similar IDs is that they can have collisions with legitimate PCI devices. NVIDIA's HD Audio codec IDs for instance collide with the PCI IDs of ancient GPUs and I believe there was a similar collision at another vendor, that is why I do not accept HD Audio codec IDs. I'll just leave these on the web interface as unaccepted, in the machine-readable pci.ids format they don't make much sense.


2019-01-28 21:15:46



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