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Name: Zeppelin/Renoir PCIe Dummy Function


Name: PCI Bridge

I didn't know where to mine for a reasonable name; Catalyst on Windows only calls it:
HKLM,"Software\AMD\Install\South Bridge\PCI",DisplayName,,"AMD PCI"


2017-04-30 15:26:14

Do you know which AMD CPU or chipset contains this bridge?


2017-05-24 20:58:00

Yes, I have B350 chipset for AM4 (ASROCK AB350M) and a Ryzen CPU, but assume the bridge is a matter of the board.


2017-05-25 08:42:32

The HW set is the same for all my submissions (so far), so let this comment stand for all. I *suppose* much is directly in the CPU, Ryzen 7 1700 in my case, as Wikipedia states:

> The memory, PCIe, SATA, and USB controllers are incorporated into the same chip as the processor cores.


2017-05-25 08:50:39

lspci outputs for Ryzen systems indicate that 1453 and 1454 are PCI bridges, and device 1455 has device class 1300 "Non-essential instrumentation". We don't know what this device is, AMD has not published documentation on it so far (which they have for many other devices).


2017-06-21 20:33:45

More info / confirmation :


Socket AM4, Chipset B350, Ryzen 5 CPU, Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H Motherboard


2017-10-17 23:39:28

It would appear that this (as well as the SATA ahd HD Audio that share the same bus) are integrated into the Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs as suggested by vcunat - the SATA controller has a single host, suggesting it's the SATA controller multiplexed with the x4 NVMe controller. This would suggest device 1022:1455 is part of the on-CPU system management.


2017-10-28 17:33:15

Name: Zeppelin/Renoir PCIe Dummy Function


2019-01-28 22:01:23



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