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Name: Am79C975 [Lance/PCI PCNet/32]


Name: AMD Lance/PCI PCNet/32 (Am79C975-based NIC)

Note: Via AMD's own technical reference on their Am79C973/Am79C975 NICs; See p. 153,221-222;

The chips' reported DEVICE-ID is 2627, for a Am79C975-based NIC, see AMD's documentation on page 221 (in the middle of it).
The CSR (control and Status Registers) at 88-89 report 2627h for a Am79C975-based network-PHY.

Also on page 153;
"Part number. The 16-bit code for
the Am79C973 controller is
0010 0110 0010 0101 (2625h)
and the code for the Am79C975
is 0010 0110 0010 0111 (2627h)."

Via AMD's own technical reference (Am79C973/Am79C975 NICs).
See p. 153,221-222;


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Name: Am79C975 [Lance/PCI PCNet/32]


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