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Name: MGA G200 AGP


Name: MGA G200 AGP

2008-10-06 17:52:15



Id Name Note
1014 ff03Millennium G200 AGP
102b 48e9Mystique G200 AGP
102b 48f8Millennium G200 SD AGP
102b 4a60Millennium G200 LE AGP
102b 4a64Millennium G200 AGP
102b c93cMillennium G200 AGP
102b c9b0Millennium G200 AGP
102b c9bcMillennium G200 AGP
102b ca60Millennium G250 LE AGP
102b ca6cMillennium G250 AGP
102b dbbcMillennium G200 AGP
102b dbc2Millennium G200 MMS (Dual G200)
102b dbc3G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbc8Millennium G200 MMS (Dual G200)
102b dbd2G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbd3G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbd4G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbd5G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbd8G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbd9G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbe2Millennium G200 MMS (Quad G200)
102b dbe3G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbe8Millennium G200 MMS (Quad G200)
102b dbf2G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbf3G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbf4G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbf5G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbf8G200 Multi-Monitor
102b dbf9G200 Multi-Monitor
102b f806Mystique G200 Video AGP
102b ff00MGA-G200 AGP
102b ff02Mystique G200 AGP
102b ff03Millennium G200A AGP
102b ff04Marvel G200 AGP
110a 0032MGA-G200 AGP

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