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Name: MGA G400/G450


Name: Millenium G450


2005-07-19 20:50:31

Name: G400/G450

use this one, can be AGP or PCI


2005-07-19 21:08:41

Name: MGA G400/G450


2006-05-05 15:15:07



Id Name Note
0e11 b16fMGA-G400 AGP
102b 0328Millennium G400 16Mb SDRAM
102b 0338Millennium G400 16Mb SDRAM
102b 0378Millennium G400 32Mb SDRAM
102b 0541Millennium G450 Dual Head
102b 0542Millennium G450 Dual Head LX
102b 0543Millennium G450 Single Head LX
102b 0641Millennium G450 32Mb SDRAM Dual Head
102b 0642Millennium G450 32Mb SDRAM Dual Head LX
102b 0643Millennium G450 32Mb SDRAM Single Head LX
102b 07c0Millennium G450 Dual Head LE
102b 07c1Millennium G450 SDR Dual Head LE
102b 0d41Millennium G450 Dual Head PCI
102b 0d42Millennium G450 Dual Head LX PCI
102b 0d43Millennium G450 32Mb Dual Head PCI
102b 0e00Marvel G450 eTV
102b 0e01Marvel G450 eTV
102b 0e02Marvel G450 eTV
102b 0e03Marvel G450 eTV
102b 0f80Millennium G450 Low Profile
102b 0f81Millennium G450 Low Profile
102b 0f82Millennium G450 Low Profile DVI
102b 0f83Millennium G450 Low Profile DVI
102b 19d8Millennium G400 16Mb SGRAM
102b 19f8Millennium G400 32Mb SGRAM
102b 2159Millennium G400 Dual Head 16Mb
102b 2179Millennium G400 MAX/Dual Head 32Mb
102b 217dMillennium G400 Dual Head Max
102b 23c0Millennium G450
102b 23c1Millennium G450
102b 23c2Millennium G450 DVI
102b 23c3Millennium G450 DVI
102b 2f58Millennium G400
102b 2f78Millennium G400
102b 3693Marvel G400 AGP
102b 5dd04Sight II
102b 5f504Sight II
102b 5f514Sight II
102b 5f524Sight II
102b 9010Millennium G400 Dual Head
1458 0400GA-G400
1705 0001Millennium G450 32MB SGRAM
1705 0002Millennium G450 16MB SGRAM
1705 0003Millennium G450 32MB
1705 0004Millennium G450 16MB

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