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Name: Millennium G550


Name: MGA G550 AGP

2008-10-06 17:52:15

Name: Millennium G550

The subsystem ID 102b 2300 makes clear that this is not AGP-only.


2012-08-14 10:43:08

Just for the record: technically all G550 variants seem to be AGP cards, the legacy PCI version has its own bridge [12d8:8150] on board.


2015-07-10 12:34:27



Id Name Note
102b 0f42Matrox G550 Low Profile PCIPCI\VEN_102B&DEV_2527&SUBSYS_0F42102B&REV_01
102b 0f83Millennium G550
102b 0f84Millennium G550 Dual Head DDR 32Mb
102b 1e41Millennium G550
102b 22c0G550 PCIe
102b 2300Millennium G550 LP PCIE

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