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Name: Millennium P650/P750


Name: MGA G650 AGP

2004-03-23 16:50:29

Name: Millenium P650/P750

G650 doesn't exist


2005-07-19 21:20:41

Name: Millennium P650/P750


2017-10-03 19:13:56



Id Name Note
102b 1820Millennium P750 64MB
102b 1830Millennium P650 64MB
102b 1850RAD2mp
102b 1860RAD3mp
102b 1880Sono S10
102b 1c10QID 128MB
102b 2811Millennium P650 Low-profile PCI 64MB
102b 2821Millennium P650 Low-profile PCI
102b 2841RAD PCI
102b 2851Spectrum PCI
102b 2871EpicA TC2
102b 2c11QID Low-profile PCI
102b 2c21QID LP PCI LW
102b 2c31QID LP PCI
102b 2c41EpicA TC4
102b 3001Extio F1400
102b 3011Extio F1220
102b 3041RG-200DL
102b 3051RG-400SL
102b 3061Extio F1420
102b 3081Extio F1240

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