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Name: Millennium P690


Name: P69-MDDP128F [Millennium P690 PCI]


2007-12-03 15:43:04

Name: Millennium P690

Removed the gfx part number since it has nothing to do with the chipset


2007-12-03 16:17:58



Id Name Note
102b 0040Millennium P690 PCIe x16
102b 0041
102b 0042ONYX
102b 0043SPECTRA
102b 0080Millennium P690 Plus LP PCIe x16
102b 0081Millennium P690 LP PCIe x16
102b 0082RAD LPX PCIe x16
102b 00c0Millennium P690 Plus LP PCI
102b 00c2Millennium P690 LP PCI
102b 00c3RAD LPX PCI
102b 0101Millennium P690 PCI
102b 0140Millennium P690 LP PCIe x1
102b 0180Display Wall IP Decode 128 MB

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