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Name: NEC Corporation


Name: NEC Corporation

2008-10-06 17:52:15



Id Name Note
0000Vr4181A USB Host or Function Control Unit
0001PCI to 486-like bus Bridge
0002PCI to VL98 Bridge
0003ATM Controller
0004R4000 PCI Bridge
0005PCI to 486-like bus Bridge
0006PC-9800 Graphic Accelerator
0007PCI to UX-Bus Bridge
0008PC-9800 Graphic Accelerator
0009PCI to PC9800 Core-Graph Bridge
0016PCI to VL Bridge
001a[Nile II]
0021Vrc4373 [Nile I]
0029PowerVR PCX1
002aPowerVR 3D
002cStar Alpha 2
002dPCI to C-bus Bridge
0035OHCI USB Controller
003bPCI to C-bus Bridge
003eNAPCCARD Cardbus Controller
0046PowerVR PCX2 [midas]
005aVrc5074 [Nile 4]
0063uPD72862 [Firewarden] IEEE1394 OHCI 1.0 Link Controller
0067PowerVR Neon 250 Chipset
0072uPD72874 IEEE1394 OHCI 1.1 3-port PHY-Link Ctrlr
007456k Voice Modem
00a6VRC5477 AC97
00cduPD72870 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.0 Link/3-port PHY Controller
00ceuPD72871 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.0 Link/1-port PHY Controller
00e0uPD72010x USB 2.0 Controller
00e7uPD72873 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.1 Link/2-port PHY Controller
00f2uPD72874 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.1 Link/3-port PHY Controller
00f3uPD6113x Multimedia Decoder/Processor [EMMA2]
0125uPD720400 PCI Express - PCI/PCI-X Bridge
013aDual Tuner/MPEG Encoder
0194uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller
01e7uPD72873 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.1 Link/2-port PHY Controller
01f2uPD72874 [Firewarden] IEEE1394a OHCI 1.1 Link/3-port PHY Controller

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