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Name: Smart Array Controller


Name: Hewlett-Packard Smart Array Controller


2005-05-16 23:27:46

Name: Smart Array Controller


2006-09-10 19:23:53

Name: James D. Howard

My HP Proliant DL380 G5 has a serial SCSI (SAS) RAID card identifying itself as 103C:3230. Used from Linux, it employs HP's cciss driver. However, the 'lspci' and 'dmesg' listings do not tell me which model of HP's various [Smart Array] products this one is, and the registered HP devices do not include ...:3230. Could someone update this HP devie ID listing, please?


2011-06-09 00:46:14



Id Name Note
103c 3223Smart Array P800
103c 3234P400 SAS Controller
103c 3235P400i SAS Controller
103c 3237E500 SAS Controller
103c 323dP700m SAS Controller

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