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Name: "Yota One" Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device


2015-08-09 11:19:13

This looks like a USB ID, not a PCI ID.


2015-08-27 19:34:19

It is. Same for the others - 1076:8000,1076:8002,1076:8003.
I thought these are the same (or at least share IDs and structure,
thus the same for the purpose of a directory).
If it's not so, feel free to delete.
(& maybe a hint at the addition form (w/link to e.g. can be helpful. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is confused by the identical look)


2015-08-28 18:25:51

USB ID's are entered at, not here.


2015-09-02 15:47:00



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