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Name: PCI <-> IOBus Bridge


Name: PCI <-> IOBus Bridge

2008-10-06 17:52:19



Id Name Note
10b5 1067IXXAT CAN i165
10b5 114eWasco WITIO PCI168extended
10b5 1169Wasco OPTOIO32standard 32 digital in, 32 digital out
10b5 1172IK220 (Heidenhain)
10b5 2036SatPak GPS
10b5 2221Alpermann+Velte PCL PCI LV: Timecode Reader Board
10b5 2431Alpermann+Velte PCL PCI D: Timecode Reader Board
10b5 2905Alpermann+Velte PCI TS: Time Synchronisation Board
10b5 3196Goramo PLX200SYN sync serial card
10b5 9050PCI-I04 PCI Passive PC/CAN Interface
12fe 0001CAN-PCI/331 CAN bus controller
1369 8901PCX11+ PCI
1369 8f01VX222
1369 9401PCX924
1369 9501PCX22
1498 0362TPMC866 8 Channel Serial Card
1522 0001RockForce 4 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1522 0002RockForce 2 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1522 0003RockForce 6 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1522 0004RockForce 8 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1522 0010RockForce2000 4 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1522 0020RockForce2000 2 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem
15ed 1000Macrolink MCCS 8-port Serial
15ed 1001Macrolink MCCS 16-port Serial
15ed 1002Macrolink MCCS 8-port Serial Hot Swap
15ed 1003Macrolink MCCS 16-port Serial Hot Swap
5654 2036OpenSwitch 6 Telephony card
5654 3132OpenSwitch 12 Telephony card
5654 5634OpenLine4 Telephony Card
d531 c002PCIntelliCAN 2xSJA1000 CAN bus
d84d 4006EX-4006 1P
d84d 4008EX-4008 1P EPP/ECP
d84d 4014EX-4014 2P
d84d 4018EX-4018 3P EPP/ECP
d84d 4025EX-4025 1S(16C550) RS-232
d84d 4027EX-4027 1S(16C650) RS-232
d84d 4028EX-4028 1S(16C850) RS-232
d84d 4036EX-4036 2S(16C650) RS-232
d84d 4037EX-4037 2S(16C650) RS-232
d84d 4038EX-4038 2S(16C850) RS-232
d84d 4052EX-4052 1S(16C550) RS-422/485
d84d 4053EX-4053 2S(16C550) RS-422/485
d84d 4055EX-4055 4S(16C550) RS-232
d84d 4058EX-4055 4S(16C650) RS-232
d84d 4065EX-4065 8S(16C550) RS-232
d84d 4068EX-4068 8S(16C650) RS-232
d84d 4078EX-4078 2S(16C552) RS-232+1P

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