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Name: GeForce GT 620M on NP300E5C series laptop


Name: GeForce GT 620M


2013-04-02 19:52:27

Name: GeForce GT 620M on NP300E5C series laptop

Found on a NP300E5C-S07DE.
There are, however, several similar laptop models which might have the same IDs.
I suggest to include the laptop model here, because this sub-ID is the same for many components on this board, and the "GT620M" can itsself have many different sub-IDs. So this sub-ID designates more the board it is soldered onto than the graphics chip itsself. I can confirm that it is a 620 and not one of the other GF117 models, so this information should also remain in the name.


2016-10-01 05:02:21

yes, fine this way. Device ID is not enough to know for sure that it's a 620M.


2016-10-02 21:42:47