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Name: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M]


Name: GF117 [GeForce 710M]


2013-03-18 16:47:14

Name: GF117 [GeForce 610M/GT 620M/710M]


2013-03-18 16:49:23

Name: GF117 [GeForce 610M/GT 620M/GT 625M/GT 630M/710M]


2013-03-18 16:51:21

Name: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M / GT 620M/625M/630M]


2013-03-21 18:56:11

Name: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M]


2013-04-02 15:49:42

Name: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M]


2013-12-01 12:13:56

Name: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M]


2015-02-15 00:03:33



Id Name Note
1019 0799GeForce 820M
1019 999fGeForce GT 720M
1025 0600GeForce GT 620M
1025 0605
1025 0606GeForce GT 620M
1025 064aGeForce GT 620M
1025 064cGeForce GT 620M
1025 067aGeForce GT 620M
1025 0680GeForce GT 620M
1025 0686GeForce 710M
1025 0689GeForce 710M
1025 068bGeForce 710M
1025 068dGeForce 710M
1025 068eGeForce 710M
1025 0691GeForce 710M
1025 0692GeForce GT 620M
1025 0694GeForce GT 620M
1025 0702GeForce GT 620M
1025 0719GeForce GT 620M
1025 0725GeForce GT 620M
1025 0728GeForce GT 620M
1025 072bGeForce GT 620M
1025 072eGeForce GT 620M
1025 0732GeForce GT 620M
1025 0763GeForce GT 720M
1025 0773GeForce 710M
1025 0774GeForce 710M
1025 0776GeForce GT 720M
1025 077aGeForce 710M
1025 077bGeForce 710M
1025 077cGeForce 710M
1025 077dGeForce 710M
1025 077eGeForce 710M
1025 077fGeForce 710M
1025 0781GeForce GT 720M
1025 0798GeForce GT 720M
1025 0799GeForce GT 720M
1025 079bGeForce GT 720M
1025 079cGeForce GT 720M
1025 0807GeForce GT 720M
1025 0821GeForce GT 720M
1025 0823GeForce GT 720M
1025 0830GeForce GT 720M
1025 0833GeForce GT 720M
1025 0837GeForce GT 720M
1025 083eGeForce 820M
1025 0841GeForce 710M
1025 0854GeForce 820M
1025 0855GeForce 820M
1025 0856GeForce 820M
1025 0857GeForce 820M
1025 0858GeForce 820M
1025 0863GeForce 820M
1025 0868GeForce 820M
1025 0869GeForce 810M
1025 0873GeForce 820M
1025 0878GeForce 820M
1025 087bGeForce 820M
1025 087cGeForce 810M
1025 0881GeForce 820M
1025 088aGeForce 820M
1025 089bGeForce 820M
1025 090fGeForce 820M
1025 0921GeForce 820M
1025 092eGeForce 810M
1025 092fGeForce 820M
1025 0932GeForce 820M
1025 093aGeForce 820M
1025 093cGeForce 820M
1025 093fGeForce 820M
1025 0941GeForce 820M
1025 0945GeForce 820M
1025 0954GeForce 820M
1025 0965GeForce 820M
1028 054dGeForce GT 630M
1028 054eGeForce GT 630M
1028 0554GeForce GT 620M
1028 0557GeForce GT 620M
1028 0562GeForce GT 625M
1028 0565GeForce GT 630M
1028 0568GeForce GT 630M
1028 0590GeForce GT 630M
1028 0592GeForce GT 625M
1028 0594GeForce GT 625M
1028 0595GeForce GT 625M
1028 05a2GeForce GT 625M
1028 05b1GeForce GT 625M
1028 05b3GeForce GT 625M
1028 05daGeForce GT 630M
1028 05deGeForce GT 720M
1028 05e0GeForce GT 720M
1028 05e8GeForce GT 630M
1028 05f4GeForce GT 720M
1028 060fGeForce GT 720M
1028 064eGeForce 820M
1028 0652GeForce 820M
1028 0653GeForce 820M
1028 0655GeForce 820M
1028 065eGeForce 820M
1028 0662GeForce 820M
1028 068dGeForce 820M
1028 06adGeForce 820M
1028 06aeGeForce 820M
1028 06afGeForce 820M
1028 06b0GeForce 820M
1028 06c0GeForce 820M
1028 06c1GeForce 820M
103c 18efGeForce GT 630M
103c 18f9GeForce GT 630M
103c 18fbGeForce GT 630M
103c 18fdGeForce GT 630M
103c 18ffGeForce GT 630M
103c 218aGeForce 820M
103c 21bbGeForce 820M
103c 21bcGeForce 820M
103c 220eGeForce 820M
103c 2210GeForce 820M
103c 2212GeForce 820M
103c 2214GeForce 820M
103c 2218GeForce 820M
103c 225bGeForce 820M
103c 225dGeForce 820M
103c 226dGeForce 820M
103c 226fGeForce 820M
103c 22d2GeForce 820M
103c 22d9GeForce 820M
103c 2335GeForce 820M
103c 2337GeForce 820M
103c 2aefGeForce GT 720A
103c 2af9GeForce 710A
1043 10ddNVS 5200M
1043 10edNVS 5200M
1043 11fdGeForce GT 720M
1043 124dGeForce GT 720M
1043 126dGeForce GT 720M
1043 131dGeForce GT 720M
1043 13fdGeForce GT 720M
1043 14c7GeForce GT 720M
1043 1507GeForce GT 620M
1043 15adGeForce 820M
1043 15edGeForce 820M
1043 160dGeForce 820M
1043 163dGeForce 820M
1043 166dGeForce 820M
1043 16cdGeForce 820M
1043 16ddGeForce 820M
1043 170dGeForce 820M
1043 176dGeForce 820M
1043 178dGeForce 820M
1043 179dGeForce 820M
1043 17ddGeForce 820M
1043 2132GeForce GT 620M
1043 2136NVS 5200M
1043 21baGeForce GT 720M
1043 21faGeForce GT 720M
1043 220aGeForce GT 720M
1043 221aGeForce GT 720M
1043 223aGeForce GT 710M
1043 224aGeForce GT 710M
1043 227aGeForce 820M
1043 228aGeForce 820M
1043 22fa
1043 232aGeForce 820M
1043 233aGeForce 820M
1043 235aGeForce 820M
1043 236aGeForce 820M
1043 238aGeForce 820M
1043 8595GeForce GT 720M
1043 85eaGeForce GT 720M
1043 85ebGeForce 820M
1043 85ecGeForce 820M
1043 85eeGeForce GT 720M
1043 85f3GeForce 820M
1043 860eGeForce 820M
1043 861aGeForce 820M
1043 861bGeForce 820M
1043 8628GeForce 820M
1043 8643GeForce 820M
1043 864cGeForce 820M
1043 8652GeForce 820M
1043 8660GeForce 820M
1043 8661GeForce 820M
105b 0dacGeForce GT 720M
105b 0dadGeForce GT 720M
105b 0ef3GeForce GT 720M
1072 152dGeForce GT 720M
10cf 17f5GeForce GT 720M
1179 fa01GeForce 710M
1179 fa02GeForce 710M
1179 fa03GeForce 710M
1179 fa05GeForce 710M
1179 fa11GeForce 710M
1179 fa13GeForce 710M
1179 fa18GeForce 710M
1179 fa19GeForce 710M
1179 fa21GeForce 710M
1179 fa23GeForce 710M
1179 fa2aGeForce 710M
1179 fa32GeForce 710M
1179 fa33GeForce 710M
1179 fa36GeForce 710M
1179 fa38GeForce 710M
1179 fa42GeForce 710M
1179 fa43GeForce 710M
1179 fa45GeForce 710M
1179 fa47GeForce 710M
1179 fa49GeForce 710M
1179 fa58GeForce 710M
1179 fa59GeForce 710M
1179 fa88GeForce 710M
1179 fa89GeForce 710M
144d b092GeForce GT 620M
144d c0d5GeForce GT 630M
144d c0d7GeForce GT 620M
144d c0e2NVS 5200M
144d c0e3NVS 5200M
144d c0e4NVS 5200M
144d c10dGeForce 820M
144d c652GeForce GT 620M on NP300E5C series laptop
144d c709GeForce 710M
144d c711GeForce 710M
144d c736GeForce 710M
144d c737GeForce 710M
144d c745GeForce 820M
144d c750GeForce 820M
1462 10b8GeForce GT 710M
1462 10e9GeForce GT 720M
1462 1116GeForce 820M
1462 aa33GeForce 720M
1462 aaa2GeForce GT 720M
1462 aaa3GeForce 820M
1462 acb2GeForce GT 720M
1462 acc1GeForce GT 720M
1462 ae61GeForce 720M
1462 ae65GeForce GT 720M
1462 ae6aGeForce 820M
1462 ae71GeForce GT 720M
14c0 0083GeForce 820M
152d 0926GeForce 620M
152d 0982GeForce GT 630M
152d 0983GeForce GT 630M
152d 1005GeForce GT 820M
152d 1012GeForce 710M
152d 1019GeForce 820M
152d 1030GeForce GT 630M
152d 1055GeForce 710M
152d 1067GeForce GT 720M
152d 1072GeForce GT 720M
152d 1086GeForce 820M
152d 1092GeForce 820M
17aa 2200NVS 5200M
17aa 2213GeForce GT 720M
17aa 2220GeForce GT 720M
17aa 309cGeForce GT 720A
17aa 30b4GeForce 820A
17aa 30b7GeForce 720A
17aa 30e4GeForce 820A
17aa 361bGeForce 820A
17aa 361cGeForce 820A
17aa 361dGeForce 820A
17aa 3656GeForce GT 620M
17aa 365aGeForce 705M
17aa 365eGeForce 800M
17aa 3661GeForce 820A
17aa 366cGeForce 800M
17aa 3685GeForce 800M
17aa 3686GeForce 800M
17aa 3687GeForce 705A
17aa 3696GeForce 820A
17aa 369bGeForce 820A
17aa 369cGeForce 820A
17aa 369dGeForce 820A
17aa 369eGeForce 820A
17aa 36a9GeForce 820A
17aa 36afGeForce 820A
17aa 36b0GeForce 820A
17aa 36b6GeForce 820A
17aa 3800GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3801GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3802GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3803GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3804GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3806GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3808GeForce GT 720M
17aa 380dGeForce 820M
17aa 380eGeForce 820M
17aa 380fGeForce 820M
17aa 3811GeForce 820M
17aa 3812GeForce 820M
17aa 3813GeForce 820M
17aa 3816GeForce 820M
17aa 3818GeForce 820M
17aa 381aGeForce 820M
17aa 381cGeForce 820M
17aa 3901GeForce 610M / GT 620M
17aa 3902GeForce 710M
17aa 3903GeForce 610M/710M
17aa 3904GeForce GT 620M/625M
17aa 3905GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3907GeForce 820M
17aa 3910GeForce 720M
17aa 3912GeForce 720M
17aa 3913GeForce 820M
17aa 3915GeForce 820M
17aa 3977GeForce GT 720M
17aa 3983GeForce 610M
17aa 5001GeForce 610M
17aa 5003GeForce GT 720M
17aa 5005GeForce 705M
17aa 500dGeForce GT 620M
17aa 5014GeForce 710M
17aa 5017GeForce 710M
17aa 5019GeForce 710M
17aa 501aGeForce 710M
17aa 501fGeForce GT 720M
17aa 5025GeForce 710M
17aa 5027GeForce 710M
17aa 502aGeForce 710M
17aa 502bGeForce GT 720M
17aa 502dGeForce 710M
17aa 502eGeForce GT 720M
17aa 502fGeForce GT 720M
17aa 5030GeForce 705M
17aa 5031GeForce 705M
17aa 5032GeForce 820M
17aa 5033GeForce 820M
17aa 503eGeForce 710M
17aa 503fGeForce 820M
17aa 5040GeForce 820M
1854 0177GeForce 710M
1854 0180GeForce 710M
1854 0190GeForce GT 720M
1854 0192GeForce GT 720M
1854 0224GeForce 820M
1b0a 01c0GeForce 820M
1b0a 20ddGeForce GT 620M
1b0a 20dfGeForce GT 620M
1b0a 210eGeForce 820M
1b0a 2202GeForce GT 720M
1b0a 90d7GeForce 820M
1b0a 90ddGeForce 820M
1b50 5530GeForce 820M
1b6c 5531GeForce GT 720M
1bab 0106GeForce 820M
1d05 1013GeForce 810M

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