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Name: K55A Laptop


Name: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device

Note: K55A laptop

This laptop was in the gnu or fsf db and I made the mistake of believing them that it was suitably free. It runs linux but the proprietary blob for the 8411/5289/8168 combo is troubling. And should have made this laptop have a much lower rating.


2015-02-04 21:18:56

Name: K55A Laptop

The Asustek Computer Device name is already in lspci because the vendor is 1043, it does not add any information. K55A Laptop, is a subsystem that does make sense. (Will look like ASUSTeK Computer Inc. K55A Laptop in lspci, if added to the database this way; the name of the vendor should not be repeated for that reason)


2015-02-06 16:56:03