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Name: RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller


Name: RTL8101E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller


2006-06-11 00:26:26

Name: RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller

Toshiba L300 has here an RTL8102E device


2008-07-31 22:56:38

Name: RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller

There's a RTL8106E on the HP Pavilion 17-e163sg.


2015-08-03 02:23:55

Name: RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R-5537 laptop with this Ethernet card in it. I was trying to troubleshoot why my switch was only showing 100M Ethernet instead of the 1G (as indicated by lspci), and I came across the vendor's page for this card (, which states that it is actually only a Fast Ethernet card, not a Gigabit card.


2017-10-02 04:37:04

Name: RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller

It was apparently me who mentioned "Gigabit" for the 1st time when entering the "RTL106E" subsystem "103c:1985" of a "17-e163sg" laptop.

However, the "RTL106E" seems to be a 10/100M-only model as well:

I confirm the "WIM 2210", subsystem "17c0:1053", has a 10/100M-only "RTL8101E".

There are 2 possibilities:
1) I might have been confused because of the card being handeled by the gigabit driver "r8169", which supports gigabit cards as well. I'm sure that I did not have a gigabit switch attached when testing the "17-e163sg", and of course don't remember the exact text output.
2) There might be gigabit interfaces with this ID being (mis-)identified as "RTL106E" by the driver.

I can't re-test the HP, because it's a customer's laptop.

Option "1)" is MUCH more likely: HP only mentions "fast ethernet" here:

Please follow anthonymapes3's suggestion.


2017-10-02 07:33:32

"RTL8106E", not "RTL106E", of course…


2017-10-02 07:35:11

Name: RTL8136x/RTL8102x/RTL8105x PCIe Family Fast Ethernet Controller Series

The INF-file for the Windows driver lists numerous devices with hundreds of subsystem vendors/devices. Based on the driver used they can be combined into three distinct groups.

The 8136 group (RTL8136.ndi):

The 8102 group (RTL8102.ndi):

The 8105 group (RTL8105.ndi):

All the devices in a group use the same driver for the first member.
Despite being tempted to use 8101 as designator of the first group both the driver name and the Device ID support 8136 as being the primary.
Device 8106 is not the primary in the third group, 8105 is. And the group includes 8105/6/7 as well as 8402.


2018-01-08 01:46:49

Name: RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller

Looks like 8136 identity is only shown in driver internals, can't find any actual devices marketed as 8136. I'm in favour of keeping the existing names. Will add an x though to include 5 and 7 as well.


2018-01-08 15:22:59



Id Name Note
17c0 1053RTL8101e Medion WIM 2210 Notebook PC [MD96850]
1179 ff64RTL8102E PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC
103c 30ccPavilion dv6700
103c 2ab1Pavilion p6774
103c 2a8cCompaq 500B Microtower
103c 1985RTL8106E on Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC

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