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Name: RTL-8100/8101L/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter


Name: RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+

Syncing with 2.4.20-pre2


2002-08-14 17:54:57

Name: RTL-8101L/8139/8139C/8139C+

Gigabyte 7VKMLS Rev 4.0


2003-03-25 04:05:33

Are you really sure it's RTL-8101?


2003-04-12 23:40:56

Name: 11

Note: 11



2010-07-25 11:29:41

Name: RTL-8100C/8139/8139B/8139C/8139C+

I definitely have got a card with an 8100C chip and the same 8139 ID.

Table with full PCI ID; chip; MAC's vendor part; Card's name:
10ec:8139:11f6:8139 (Compex); 8139C; 00:C0:26 (Lans Technology); noname
10ec:8139:10ec:8139 (Realtek); 8139C; 00:C0:26 (Lans Technology); noname
10ec:8139:10ec:8139 (Realtek); 8139C; 00:50:22 (Zonet Technology); noname
10ec:8139:1259:2503 (Allied Telesis); 8139C; 00:30:84 (Allied Telesyn); AT-2500TX
10ec:8139:1113:ec01 (Accton); 8139B; 00:50:BF (Metalligence Technology); Level One FNC-0109TX
10ec:8139:10ec:8139 (Realtek); 8100C; 00:0A:CD (Sunrich Technology); noname

Carenas might have been correct, but I cannot verify that, so perhaps rename it to "RTL-81xx/B/C(+)"?
See also the subsystem discussions.


2014-03-07 21:46:20

Name: RTL-8100/8101L/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

I'd do it just like the 8111/8168; there I removed the B, C... letters. There also exists an 8100B according to Realtek website.
The RTL8139D probably uses this ID too (there are RTL8139D's known using device 8139 with different vendor ID 1904).


2014-03-08 12:39:36



Id Name Note
a0a0 0007ALN-325C
8e2e 7100KF-230TX/2
8e2e 7000KF-230TX
2646 0001KNE120TX
1af4 1100QEMU Virtual Machine
1904 8139RTL8139D Fast Ethernet Adapter
187e 3303FN312
1799 5010F5D5010 CardBus Notebook Network Card
1799 5000F5D5000 PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card
16ec 00ffUSR997900A
1695 9001Onboard RTL8101L 10/100 MBit
1631 7003Onboard RTL8111 on GA-8SIML Rev1.0 Mainboard
1565 2300P4TSV Onboard LAN (RTL8100B)
14cb 0200LNR-100 Family 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet
149c 8139LFE-8139TX
149c 139aLFE-8139ATX
1489 6002GF100TXRA
1489 6001GF100TXRII
146c 1439FE-1439TX
1462 788c865PE Neo2-V Mainboard
1462 217cAspire L250
1462 0131MS-1013 Notebook
1458 e000GA-7VM400M/7VT600 Motherboard
144d c00cP30/P35 notebook
1436 8139RT8139
1432 9130EN-9130TX
1429 d010ND010/ND012
1395 2100AMB2100
1385 f31dFA311 v2
1259 2503AT-2500TX/ACPI
1259 2500AT-2500TX
11f6 8139FN22-3(A) LinxPRO Ethernet Adapter
1186 8139DRN-32TX
1186 1320SN5200
1186 1300DFE-538TX
1186 1104DFE-520TX Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter (rev. D1)
1113 ec01LevelOne FNC-0107TX/FNC-0109TX
10f7 8338Panasonic CF-Y5 laptop
10ec 8139RTL-8100/8101L/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
10bd 0320EP-320X-R
1071 8160MIM2000
1043 8109P5P800-MX Mainboard
1043 1045L8400B, L3C/S, X58LE notebook
103c 30d9Presario C700
103c 2a20Pavilion Desktop PC
103c 006aNX9500
1025 8921ALN-325
1025 8920ALN-325
1025 005aTravelMate 290
0357 000aTTP-Monitoring Card V2.0

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