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Name: ProBook 450/455


Name: Realtek RTL8151GH-CG 10/100/1000


2013-12-07 23:30:49

Please post the HP laptop model instead of the Realtek card name.


2013-12-08 14:09:16

Name: zbiggy

According to HP service manual for this notebook:
this Realtek Ethernet module is shared among at least 4 different (AMD/Intel) mainboards. That is why it does not have subsystem id of particular mainboard it is used universally among them.


2013-12-09 01:37:29

Name: ProBook 450/455

The card might well exist on different motherboards but as far as I can see in that PDF document, they are motherboards for the ProBook 450/455 laptops. Unless you have any evidence that the subsystem also exists on laptops that aren't a ProBook 450/455, I'll leave it this way.

Please don't put your own name into the Name field, however.


2013-12-09 21:34:30