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Name: Onboard Ethernet


Name: GA-EP45-DS5 Motherboard


2008-09-24 15:31:32

Name: GA-EP45-DS5/GA-EG45M-DS2H Motherboard

Also on the GA-EG45M-DS2H.


2012-04-08 15:25:03

Name: GA-D525TUD/GA-EP45-DS5/GA-EG45M-DS2H Motherboard

Also found on this Mini-ITX Atom board.


2013-01-06 22:54:47

Name: Motherboard

And *also* found this on my GA-EX58-DS4 Motherboard. I think it's safe to say that this subsystem ID has no attachment to any particular motherboard.


2013-01-08 02:27:52

It happens more often that the same subsystem ID is used for all boards with that network chip. Asus, ASRock and ECS are doing that too for the ethernet on their boards.


2013-01-08 11:51:39

From a grep of the pci.ids file, it looks like Gigabyte is using this subsystem id '1458 e000' for all motherboard integrated ethernet controllers across their entire product line, no matter what chipset is in use. However, they're not using the e000 id for any other types of devices.

I wonder if replacing all occurrances of this subsystem ID with something like "Motherboard Integrated Ethernet" would make sense. It would be nice to have a way to share the ID across devices somehow, so this ID doesn't have to be added to whatever network chipset of the day Gigabyte happens to use next. (Something similar would be useful for e.g. the '1458 5004' device, which they're using for USB 1 controllers, '1458 1000' for firewire controllers, etc.)


2013-01-09 21:01:38

Using the same subsytem ID for all ethernet controllers is not possible so far in pci.ids. Also, Motherboard Integrated Ethernet is not a device you can find in a computer store, it's sold as a complete motherboard instead so I'm leaving "Motherboard" here.


2013-01-10 19:29:14

Is possible to rename this device to "Onboard Ethernet" or similar? Thanks!


2016-07-19 20:05:09

Name: Onboard Ethernet


2016-07-20 01:17:52