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Name: Motherboard (one of many)


Name: A770CrossFire RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller

Note: Ethernet on my motherboard :-P


2008-12-10 13:51:25

Name: A770CrossFire motherboard


2008-12-13 12:22:04

Name: Motherboard (one of many)

My motherboard is an ALiveDual-eSATA2, not an A770CrossFire.

Is there no way that the names of devices like these, where the subsystem device ID gives no useful information, could be set to the null string (or some other magic placeholder) so that tools like lspci or HAL could ignore them as being useless? It would seem to be useful to be able to treat this ID identically with 10ec:8168 1849:0000.


2009-02-24 22:57:30

I think it's better to at least show ASRock Motherboard. That's some information.


2009-03-18 19:21:38

Sure, but wouldn't that logic also apply to a device like


2009-03-19 19:09:57

Device/subsystem names should not contain the name of the vendor, so without ASRock, please.


2009-03-27 08:58:00