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Name: RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller

Linux driver loads RTL8192SE firmware file.


2014-06-07 18:29:39

Not quite a useful subsystem IMO


2014-06-07 22:16:07

I included it simply because it exists. On Realtek devices a subsystem ID the same as the main ID is quite common, unless a different one has been assigned by the board manufacturer (I've never seen an 8139 without subsystem ID, but many with such a senseless one).

The handling of such entries in the database seems somewhat inconsistent. They have sometimes been included in the past, see "10ec:8029" (it's at least not the only one there), and "10ec:8138", for example. I remember another discussion (not a Realtek device) where such an ID had been rejected, but I don't find this one any more.


2014-06-08 03:19:27

Name: AzureWave AW-NE1044 802.11B/G/N Half-size Mini PCIe Card Model RTL8191SE

I looked up the imprinted name on the card, but due to the subsystem ID being the same as the main ID, I suspect it not to be unique to this card, so I'm unsure if we should really rename it, or just leave this comment here for reference.


2014-06-23 02:51:30

Deletion request

We can't be sure that Azurewave is the only user of the ID. I'd rather delete it. Azurewave has their own vendor ID (1a3b), they should have used it.


2014-06-23 22:13:54