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Name: Microsemi / PMC / IDT

Note: now owned by Microchip Technology


Name: Integrated Device Technology, Inc.


2004-07-23 20:08:29

Name: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. [IDT]

Also known as IDT


2013-02-11 11:41:13

Name: esproul

IDT's flash controller (e.g. NVMe) business acquired July 2013 by PMC-Sierra:


2015-11-16 21:39:43

If no devices using this vendor ID are released with PMC branding, I will keep this ID as it is now.


2015-11-17 21:12:10

There are devices released with PMC-Sierra branding as the IDT flash controllers were rebranded to PMC Flashtec. Which in turn became Microsemi, and for a while the products were dual-branded:

PM8630 NVMe2108
PM8609 NVMe2032
PM8607 NVMe2016
PM8604 NVMe1032
PM8602 NVMe1016


One can open the descriptions of the individual products, and to see the reference to both PMC and Microsemi branding.

Microsemi's Flashtec 2nd generation NVMe Controller family ...
- PMC Flashtec NVMe2032 Controller ...

Recently Microchip announced an agreement to acquire Microsemi which could complicate the matter further.


2018-04-28 11:32:04

The archive keeps the link between the IDT part numbers and the PMC rebranded parts

"The NVMe1032 is a member of PMC's Flashtec family of NVMe enterprise controllers. The 89HF32P08CG3 is a single chip 32-channel NAND Flash controller ...


2018-04-28 11:44:46

IDT 89HF32P08CG3 -> PMC PM8604 -> PMC NVMe1032 -> Microsemi NVMe1032


2018-04-28 11:49:33

Name: Microsemi / PMC / IDT

Note: now owned by Microchip Technology


2018-06-10 21:49:38

Name: IDT (PMC/Microsemi/Microchip)

IDT should remain the primary owner of the VID. It has retained the PCI switches and bridges business, and has sold only the Flash controllers division.

Hence PMC/Microsemi/Microchip are to be a secondary user of the VID.


2018-06-12 07:38:31

The flash controllers are under this ID as well, so I see no reason why they would be secondary. I don't see any flash controllers under the vendor IDs 1055, 11f8, and 9005.


2018-06-17 13:02:24



Id Name Note
0001IDT77201/77211 155Mbps ATM SAR Controller [NICStAR]
0003IDT77222/77252 155Mbps ATM MICRO ABR SAR Controller
0004IDT77V252 155Mbps ATM MICRO ABR SAR Controller
0005IDT77V222 155Mbps ATM MICRO ABR SAR Controller
8018PES12N3A 12-lane 3-Port PCI Express Switch
801cPES24N3A PCI Express Switch
8028PES4T4 PCI Express Switch
802bPES8T5A PCI Express Switch
802cPES16T4 PCI Express Switch
802dPES16T7 PCI Express Switch
802ePES24T6 PCI Express Switch
802fPES32T8 PCI Express Switch
8032PES48T12 PCI Express Switch
8034PES16/22/34H16 PCI Express Switch
8035PES32H8 PCI Express Switch
8036PES48H12 PCI Express Switch
8037PES64H16 PCI Express Switch
8039PES3T3 PCI Express Switch
803aPES4T4 PCI Express Switch
803cPES5T5 PCI Express Switch
803dPES6T5 PCI Express Switch
8048PES8NT2 PCI Express Switch
8049PES8NT2 PCI Express Switch
804aPES8NT2 PCI Express Internal NTB
804bPES8NT2 PCI Express External NTB
804cPES16NT2 PCI Express Switch
804dPES16NT2 PCI Express Switch
804ePES16NT2 PCI Express Internal NTB
804fPES16NT2 PCI Express External NTB
8058PES12NT3 PCI Express Switch
8059PES12NT3 PCI Express Switch
805aPES12NT3 PCI Express Internal NTB
805bPES12NT3 PCI Express External NTB
805cPES24NT3 PCI Express Switch
805dPES24NT3 PCI Express Switch
805ePES24NT3 PCI Express Internal NTB
805fPES24NT3 PCI Express External NTB
8060PES16T4G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
8061PES12T3G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
8068PES6T6G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
806aPES24T3G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
806cPES16T4A/4T4G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
806ePES24T6G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
806fHIO524G2 PCI Express Gen2 Switch
807789HPES64H16G2 64-Lane 16-Port PCIe Gen2 System Interconnect Switch
8088PES32NT8BG2 PCI Express Switch
808a89HPES32NT24BG2 PCI Express Switch32-lanes 24-ports Gen.2
808c89HPES32NT24AG2 PCI Express Switch32-lanes 24-ports Gen.2
808ePES24NT24G2 PCI Express Switch
808f89HPES32NT8AG2 32-Lane 8-Port PCIe Gen2 System Interconnect Switch with Non-Transparent Bridging
809089HPES16NT16G2 16-Lane 16-Port PCIe Gen2 System Interconnect Switch
809289HPES12NT12G2 12-Lane 12-Port PCIe Gen2 System Interconnect Switch
80cfF32P08xG3 [PCIe boot mode]
80d2F32P08xG3 NVMe controller

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