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Name: TriMedia TM1300


Name: TriMedia TM1300 Audio and Video media processor (


2003-04-08 15:08:31

Could you please look up which Philips chip is used in the card?


2003-04-12 23:37:42

Name: TriMedia TM-1300


2004-07-19 21:28:49

Name: TriMedia TM1300

consistent TriMedia naming


2009-03-22 17:49:19

Name: Andreas

I've got a mvGAMMA-G video grabber card with this ID from Matrix Vision.
In the drivers .inf these lines are included:
%Driver% = DefaultInstall, PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_5400
%Driver% = DefaultInstall, PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_5402


2018-02-27 12:56:01

@Andreas do you know what chip from Philips is on that board? 5402 could well be a generic ID for any board with that chip


2018-03-05 12:33:25

Name: Andreas

@AlbertP the main visible chip on the board seems to be a Xilinx Spartan XC2S30. But that's just a FPGA. There is a big heatsink too, but I have no idea what is underneath, sorry. Since it does media processing, it could be the Philips chip.


2018-03-06 14:42:02



Id Name Note
1244 0f00Fritz!Card DSL
15eb 1300DT1300
15eb 1302DT1302
15eb 1304DT1304
15eb 1305DT1305
15eb 1306PMCDT1306
15eb 1308DT1308
15eb 1331DT1301 with SAA7121
15eb 1337DT1301 with SAA7127
15eb 2d3dX3D
15eb 7022PTM1300

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