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Name: Digi International


Name: Digi International

2008-10-06 17:52:24



Id Name Note
0002AccelePort EPC
0003RightSwitch SE-6
0004AccelePort Xem
0005AccelePort Xr
0006AccelePort Xr,C/X
0009AccelePort Xr/J
000aAccelePort EPC/J
000cDataFirePRIme T1 (1-port)
000dSyncPort 2-Port (x.25/FR)
0011AccelePort 8r EIA-232 (IBM)
0012AccelePort 8r EIA-422
0013AccelePort Xr
0014AccelePort 8r EIA-422
0015AccelePort Xem
0016AccelePort EPC/X
0017AccelePort C/X
001aDataFirePRIme E1 (1-port)
001bAccelePort C/X (IBM)
001cAccelePort Xr (SAIP)
001dDataFire RAS T1/E1/PRI
0023AccelePort RAS
0024DataFire RAS B4 ST/U
0026AccelePort 4r 920
0027AccelePort Xr 920
0028ClassicBoard 4
0029ClassicBoard 8
0034AccelePort 2r 920
0035DataFire DSP T1/E1/PRI cPCI
0040AccelePort Xp
0042AccelePort 2p
0043AccelePort 4p
0044AccelePort 8p
0045AccelePort 16p
004eAccelePort 32p
0070Datafire Micro V IOM2 (Europe)
0071Datafire Micro V (Europe)
0072Datafire Micro V IOM2 (North America)
0073Datafire Micro V (North America)
00b0Digi Neo 4
00b1Digi Neo 8
00c8Digi Neo 2 DB9
00c9Digi Neo 2 DB9 PRI
00caDigi Neo 2 RJ45
00cbDigi Neo 2 RJ45 PRI
00ccDigi Neo 1 422
00cdDigi Neo 1 422 485
00ceDigi Neo 2 422 485
00d0ClassicBoard 4 422
00d1ClassicBoard 8 422
00f1Digi Neo PCI-E 4 port
00f4Digi Neo 4 (IBM version)

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