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Name: ATTO Technology, Inc.


Name: Atto Technology

2008-10-06 17:52:25

Name: Jason Seba, Systems Engineer @ ATTO

The formal name of the company is "ATTO Technology, Inc." (note the capitalization; "Atto" is incorrect)
Here is a complete list devices that use the 117c vendor ID (continued in another posting due to space constraints)

117c ATTO Technology, Inc.
002c 3Gb/s SAS RAID Adapter
117c 002c ExpressSAS R380
117c 002d ExpressSAS R348
117c 0041 ExpressSAS R30F
0030 Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter
117c 8013 ExpressPCI UL4D
117c 8014 ExpressPCI UL4S
117c 8027 ExpressPCI UL5D
117c 802f ExpressPCI UL5D Low Profile
0032 Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter
117c 8013 ExpressPCI 4DRO
117c 8014 ExpressPCI 4SRO
117c 8027 ExpressPCI 5DRO
117c 802f ExpressPCI 5LRO
0033 3Gb/s SAS Adapter
117c 0033 ExpressSAS H380
117c 0034 ExpressSAS H308
117c 0039 ExpressSAS H3R0
117c 0040 ExpressSAS H30F
(see other post for more)


2012-05-25 17:11:47

Name: Jason Seba, Systems Engineer @ ATTO

(continued from previous post)

0042 6Gb/s SAS Adapter
117c 0042 ExpressSAS H680
117c 0043 ExpressSAS H608
117c 0044 ExpressSAS H60F
117c 0045 ExpressSAS H6F0
117c 0046 ExpressSAS H644
117c 004f ExpressSAS M608
117c 0057 ExpressSAS M680
117c 0058 ExpressSAS M644
117c 0059 ExpressSAS W608
117c 005a ExpressSAS W680
117c 005b ExpressSAS W644
0049 6Gb/s SAS RAID Adapter
117c 0049 ExpressSAS R680
117c 004a ExpressSAS R608
117c 004b ExpressSAS R60F
117c 004c ExpressSAS R6F0
117c 004d ExpressSAS R644
117c 004e ExpressSAS R648
0056 6Gb/s SAS Adapter
117c 0056 ExpressSAS H6F0GT


2012-05-25 17:12:12

Name: ATTO Technology, Inc.

Please add the devices as devices, not as discussion entries for the vendor.


2012-06-25 14:08:05

Name: Atto Technology


2012-08-09 17:18:18



Id Name Note
002cExpressSAS R380
002dExpressSAS R348
0030Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter
0033SAS Adapter
0041ExpressSAS R30F
0042ExpressSAS 6Gb/s SAS/SATA HBA
0049ExpressSAS 6Gb SAS/SATA RAID Adapter
0064Celerity FC 16Gb/s Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBA
0094Celerity FC 16/32Gb/s Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBA
00bbCelerity FC 32/64Gb/s Gen 7 Fibre Channel HBA
00c5ExpressNVM PCIe Gen4 Switch
00e6ExpressSAS GT 12Gb/s SAS/SATA HBA
8013ExpressPCI UL4D
8014ExpressPCI UL4S
8027ExpressPCI UL5D
8070ExpressSAS 12Gb/s SAS/SATA HBA
8072ExpressSAS 12Gb/s SAS/SATA HBA

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