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Name: RL5c476 II


Name: RL5c476 II

2008-10-06 17:52:25



Id Name Note
1014 0185ThinkPad A/T/X Series
1014 0555ThinkPad X41
1014 056cThinkPad Z60t
1028 014fLatitude X300 laptop
1028 0188Inspiron 6000 laptop
103c 30c0Compaq 6710b
103c 30c1Compaq 6910p
1043 1017X58LE
1043 1237A6J-Q008
1043 1967V6800V
1043 1987A4K and Z81K notebooks, possibly others ( mid-2005 machines )
104d 80dfVaio PCG-FX403
104d 80e7VAIO PCG-GR214EP/GR214MP/GR215MP/GR314MP/GR315MP
104d 814eVAIO GRZ390Z
10f7 8338Panasonic CF-Y5 laptop
144d c005X10 Laptop
144d c00cP30/P35 notebook
14ef 0220PCD-RP-220S
17aa 201cThinkPad X60/X60s
17aa 20c4ThinkPad T61/R61
17aa 20c6ThinkPad R61/T400

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