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Name: PMC-Sierra Inc.


Name: PMC-Sierra Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:26



Id Name Note
5220BR522x [PMC-Sierra maxRAID SAS Controller]
7364PM7364 [FREEDM - 32 Frame Engine & Datalink Mgr]
7375PM7375 [LASAR-155 ATM SAR]
7384PM7384 [FREEDM - 84P672 Frm Engine & Datalink Mgr]
8000PM8000 [SPC - SAS Protocol Controller]
8009PM8009 SPCve 8x6G
8018PM8018 Adaptec SAS Adaptor ASA-70165H PCIe Gen3 x8 6 Gbps 16-lane 4x SFF-8644
8032PM8032 Tachyon QE8
8053PM8053 SXP 12G 24-port SAS/SATA expander
8054PM8054 SXP 12G 36-port SAS/SATA expander
8055PM8055 SXP 12G 48-port SAS/SATA expander
8056PM8056 SXP 12G 68-port SAS/SATA expander
8060PM8060 SRCv 12G eight-port SAS/SATA RoC
8063PM8063 SRCv 12G 16-port SAS/SATA RoC
8070PM8070 Tachyon SPCv 12G eight-port SAS/SATA controller
8071PM8071 Tachyon SPCve 12G eight-port SAS/SATA controller
8072PM8072 Tachyon SPCv 12G 16-port SAS/SATA controller
8073PM8073 Tachyon SPCve 12G 16-port SAS/SATA controller
8531PM8531 PFX 24xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8532PM8532 PFX 32xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8533PM8533 PFX 48xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8534PM8534 PFX 64xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8535PM8535 PFX 80xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8536PM8536 PFX 96xG3 PCIe Fanout Switch
8546PM8546 B-FEIP PSX 96xG3 PCIe Storage Switch
8562PM8562 Switchtec PFX-L 32xG3 Fanout-Lite PCIe Gen3 Switch

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