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Name: PM8032 Tachyon QE8


Name: celerity8fc

Note: [ATTO Celerity FC84EN/FC82EN/FC81EN]

The device is actually built by PMC-Sierra but badged and sold by ATTO. Device IDs do not appear to distinguish between 1-port, 2-port, and 4-port models.


2013-12-03 13:56:31

Name: ATTO Celerity FC84EN/FC82EN/FC81EN

Please use the Name field for device names, not your own name. This time I have corrected it for you.


2013-12-04 19:03:26

Okay, cool. It's my first time submitting, sorry for the mix-up!


2013-12-04 23:45:14

Name: ATTO Celerity FC8xEN

You submitted the ATTO subsystems already, so maybe this ID can be used for the PMC-Sierra chip type on the board (if known).


2013-12-05 19:23:48

We should probably expunge the ATTO naming from this and stick with Celerity; I submitted a couple for vendor ID 15bc, which are also sold by ATTO but are a completely different chip manufacturer. The kernel driver name across both generations of cards uses 'celerity', which is more important, I think, than the vendor name ... I don't have a strong opinion either way but I do like consistency. The FC4xES and FC8xEN were the 4 Gbit and 8 Gbit iterations of the same hardware, respectively, despite using entirely different chips under the hood.


2013-12-05 23:50:31

Do you know the type of PMC-Sierra chip used in these devices?

Perhaps you can add the ATTO subsystems of these devices.


2013-12-08 14:09:16

The chip is PMC-Sierra PM8032 Tachyon QE8.
It's also used in ATTO ThunderLink FC-1082, but it has subsystem id: 117c 403b


2018-03-31 13:05:48

Name: PM8032 Tachyon QE8

Thanks, you can add a subsystem for that ATTO device.


2018-04-01 13:48:05



Id Name Note
117c 003aCelerity FC-81EN Fibre Channel Adapter
117c 003bCelerity FC-82EN Fibre Channel Adapter
117c 003cCelerity FC-84EN Fibre Channel Adapter
117c 403bThunderLink FC 1082 Fibre Channel Adapter

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