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Name: PMC-Sierra Inc.


Name: PMC-Sierra Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:26



Id Name Note
8546PM8546 B-FEIP PSX 96xG3 PCIe Storage Switch
8531PM8531 PFX 24xG3 Fanout PCIe Switches
8073PM8073 Tachyon SPCve 12G 16-port SAS/SATA controller
8072PM8072 Tachyon SPCv 12G 16-port SAS/SATA controller
8071PM8071 Tachyon SPCve 12G eight-port SAS/SATA controller
8070PM8070 Tachyon SPCv 12G eight-port SAS/SATA controller
8063PM8063 SRCv 12G 16-port SAS/SATA RoC
8060PM8060 SRCv 12G eight-port SAS/SATA RoC
8056PM8056 SXP 12G 68-port SAS/SATA expander
8055PM8055 SXP 12G 48-port SAS/SATA expander
8054PM8054 SXP 12G 36-port SAS/SATA expander
8053PM8053 SXP 12G 24-port SAS/SATA expander
8032PM8032 Tachyon QE8
8018PM8018 Adaptec SAS Adaptor ASA-70165H PCIe Gen3 x8 6 Gbps 16-lane 4x SFF-8644
8009PM8009 SPCve 8x6G
8000PM8000 [SPC - SAS Protocol Controller]
7384PM7384 [FREEDM - 84P672 Frm Engine & Datalink Mgr]
7375PM7375 [LASAR-155 ATM SAR]
7364PM7364 [FREEDM - 32 Frame Engine & Datalink Mgr]
5220BR522x [PMC-Sierra maxRAID SAS Controller]

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