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Name: Pepperl+Fuchs

Note: nee Comtrol, Inc.


Name: Comtrol Corporation

2008-10-06 17:52:26

Name: Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc.

Comtrol Corporation has been acquired by Pepperl+Fuchs and is now Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc.


2019-10-16 19:14:27

Name: Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol is no more. All assets have been transferred to Pepper+Fuchs.


2021-05-17 19:30:44

Name: Pepperl+Fuchs

Note: nee Comtrol, Inc.

Are the devices under this ID now sold under the Pepperl+Fuchs name?


2021-06-21 21:55:51



Id Name Note
0001RocketPort PCI 32-port w/external I/F
0002RocketPort PCI 8-port w/external I/F
0003RocketPort PCI 16-port w/external I/F
0004RocketPort PCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
0005RocketPort PCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
0006RocketPort PCI 8-port w/RJ11 connectors
0007RocketPort PCI 4-port w/RJ45 connectors
0008RocketPort PCI 8-port w/DB78 SNI connector (Siemens)
0009RocketPort PCI 16-port w/DB78 SNI connector (Siemens)
000aRocketPort PCI Plus 4-port w/Quad Cable
000bRocketPort PCI Plus 8-port w/Octa Cable
000cRocketModem II 6-port
000dRocketModem 4-port
000eRocketPort PCI Plus 2-port RS-232 w/DB9 connectors
000fRocketPort PCI Plus 2-port SMPTE w/DB9 connectors
0040RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/Octa Cable RJ45
0041RocketPort INFINITY 32-port w/external I/F
0042RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/external I/F
0043RocketPort INFINITY 16-port w/external I/F
0044RocketPort INFINITY 4-port w/Quad Cable DB
0045RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/Octa Cable DB
0046RocketPort INFINITY 4-port w/external I/F
0047RocketPort INFINITY 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
0048RocketPort INFINITY 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
004aRocketPort INFINITY Plus 4-port
004bRocketPort INFINITY Plus 8-port
004cRocketModem INFINITY III 8-port
004dRocketModem INFINITY III 4-port
004eRocketPort INFINITY Plus 2-port
004fRocketPort INFINITY 2-port SMPTE w/DB9 connectors
0050RocketPort INFINITY Plus 4-port RJ45
0051RocketPort INFINITY Plus 8-port RJ11
0052RocketPort INFINITY 8-port SMPTE w/DB9 Connectors
0060RocketPort EXPRESS 8-port w/Octa Cable
0061RocketPort EXPRESS 32-port w/external I/F
0062RocketPort EXPRESS 8-Port w/external I/F
0063RocketPort EXPRESS 16-port w/external I/F
0064RocketPort EXPRESS 4-port w/Quad Cable
0065RocketPort EXPRESS 8-port w/Octa Cable
0066RocketPort EXPRESS 4-port w/external I/F
0067RocketPort EXPRESS 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
0068RocketPort EXPRESS 8J (8-port) w/RJ11 connectors
006fRocketPort EXPRESS SMPTE 2-port
0072RocketPort EXPRESS SMPTE 8-port w/external I/F
0801RocketPort uPCI 32-port w/external I/F
0802RocketPort uPCI 8-port w/external I/F
0803RocketPort uPCI 16-port w/external I/F
0805RocketPort uPCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
080bRocketPort Plus uPCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
080cRocketModem III 8-port
080dRocketModem III 4-port
080eRocketPort uPCI 2-port RS232 w/DB9 connectors
080fRocketPort uPCI SMPTE 2-port
0810RocketPort Plus uPCI 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
0811RocketPort Plus uPCI 8J (8-port) w/RJ11 connectors
0812RocketPort Plus uPCI 422 8-port
0813RocketModem IV uPCI 8-port
0814RocketModem IV uPCI 4-port
0903RocketPort Compact PCI 16 port w/external I/F
8015RocketPort 550 4-port16954 UART
8805RocketPort uPCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
880bRocketPort Plus uPCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
8812RocketPort Plus uPCI 4-port RS422 w/Quad Cable

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