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Name: EIZO Rugged Solutions


Name: Tech-Source

2008-10-06 17:52:26

Name: Christopher Fadeley

Tech Source has changed their name to Eizo Rugged Solutions in 2016

It has been registered with pcisig as well:

There you will see 1227h is now allocated as Eizo Rugged Solutions as well

What is the best course of action for name change in the pci.ids database? Ideally future revisions of pci.ids will remove Tech Source and replace with Eizo Rugged Solutions


2019-12-05 21:55:09

Name: Christopher Fadeley

Typo on my previous post.

Name should be listed as 'EIZO Rugged Solutions'


2019-12-05 22:04:38

Name: EIZO Rugged Solutions


2019-12-20 12:51:07



Id Name Note
0023Raptor GFX [1100T]
0006Raptor GFX 8P
004aRaptor 4000-LR-L [Linux version]
0045Raptor 4000-L [Linux version]

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