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Name: DVxplore Codec


Name: E4?

2008-10-06 17:52:26

Name: DVxplore Codec

C-Cube (now LSI Logic) DVxplore Codec chip, used also by NVTV cards


2013-08-31 11:22:17



Id Name Note
1809 0016Emuzed MAUI-III PCI PVR FM TV
11bd 000fDV500 E4
11bd 000aDV500 E4
11bd 0006DV500 E4
10de 0249NVTV PAL
10de 0248NVTV NTSC
10de 01e3NVTV PAL
10de 01e2NVTV NTSC
10de 01e1NVTV PAL

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