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Name: ISL3874 [Prism 2.5]/ISL3872 [Prism 3]


Name: Prism 2.5 Wavelan chipset


2002-06-14 21:08:35

Name: ISL3874 [Prism 2.5]/ISL3872 [Prism 3]


2011-05-07 15:54:09



Id Name Note
8086 2513Wireless 802.11b MiniPCI Adapter
8086 2510M3AWEB Wireless 802.11b MiniPCI Adapter
4033 7033PCW200 802.11b Wireless PCI Adapter [ISL3874]
1737 3874WMP11 v1 802.11b Wireless-B PCI Adapter [ISL3874]
16a5 1601AIR.mate PC-400 PCI Wireless LAN Adapter
1668 0414HWP01170-01 802.11b PCI Wireless Adapter
1385 4105MA311 802.11b wireless adapter [ISL3874]
1186 3700DWL-520 Wireless PCI Adapter (rev E1) [ISL3872]
1186 3501DWL-520 Wireless PCI Adapter (rev A or B) [ISL3874]
10cf 1169MBH7WM01-8734 802.11b Wireless Mini PCI Card [ISL3874]

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