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Name: Integrated Technology Express, Inc.


Name: Integrated Technology Express, Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:27

ITE chips are prefixed with 'IT', but product references generally use the full company abbreviation 'ITE'. In the latter case, there is often an intervening space or hyphen. Ideally, "ITE-8874F" refers to a device with the "IT8874F" chip set, but the two forms are often used interchangeably.


2010-04-05 23:47:34



Id Name Note
8152IT8152F/G Advanced RISC-to-PCI Companion Chip
8211ITE 8211F Single Channel UDMA 133
8212IT8212 Dual channel ATA RAID controller
8213IT8213 IDE Controller
8872IT887xF PCI to ISA I/O chip with SMB, GPIO, Serial or Parallel Port
8888IT8888F/G PCI to ISA Bridge with SMB [Golden Gate]
8889IT8889F PCI to ISA Bridge
8892IT8892E PCIe to PCI Bridge
8893IT8893E PCIe to PCI Bridge

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