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Name: YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.


Name: Yuan Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

2008-10-06 17:52:27

Name: YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

This appears to be the current name of the company as listed in the copyright on and in the windows driver inf files as of 2009 or so.

As a short name, they appear to use both "YUAN" and "YUAN High-Tech".


2016-07-18 20:29:18



Id Name Note
0000MPG160/Kuroutoshikou ITVC15-STVLP
0002AU8830 [Vortex2] Based Sound Card With A3D Support
0003T507 (DVB-T) TV tuner/capture device
2300Club-3D Zap TV2100
3000MPG-200C PCI DVD Decoder Card
4789MPC788 MiniPCI Hybrid TV Tuner
fff3MPG600/Kuroutoshikou ITVC16-STVLP
ffffMPG600/Kuroutoshikou ITVC16-STVLP

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