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Name: Cognex Corporation


Name: Cognex Modular Vision Systems Div. - Acumen Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:27

Name: Scott Schuff

Note: Request for modification to description for VendorId 0x12b7

Hi all,

I would like to suggest a change to the description for Vendor ID 0x12B7. The current description reads:

"Cognex Modular Vision Systems Div. - Acumen Inc."

There are a couple issues with this description. First the indicated division (Modular Vision Systems Division) no longer exists within Cognex. Second, we do not used the name "Acumen" as way to identify the company or any products, services, or devices. In fact, we never actually have, outside of this description as far as I know (I have been with the company since 1997 when acquired Acumen).

I am currently writing new PCIe drivers for Cognex, and we would like to see the description updated to simply "Cognex Corporation".

What is the best way to go about this? Should I submit a patch file on github, or somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can offer.

Best Regards,
-Scott Schuff



2019-11-05 21:25:29

Name: Cognex Corporation

I have updated it for you.


2019-11-05 23:40:37

Name: scott

That was fast... thank you so much Albert! Much appreciated!


2019-11-06 21:42:25



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