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Name: Siig Inc


Name: Siig Inc

2008-10-06 17:52:28



Id Name Note
1000CyberSerial (1-port) 16550
1001CyberSerial (1-port) 16650
1002CyberSerial (1-port) 16850
1010Duet 1S(16550)+1P
1011Duet 1S(16650)+1P
1012Duet 1S(16850)+1P
1020CyberParallel (1-port)
1021CyberParallel (2-port)
1030CyberSerial (2-port) 16550
1031CyberSerial (2-port) 16650
1032CyberSerial (2-port) 16850
1034Trio 2S(16550)+1P
1035Trio 2S(16650)+1P
1036Trio 2S(16850)+1P
1050CyberSerial (4-port) 16550
1051CyberSerial (4-port) 16650
1052CyberSerial (4-port) 16850
2000CyberSerial (1-port) 16550
2001CyberSerial (1-port) 16650
2002CyberSerial (1-port) 16850
2010Duet 1S(16550)+1P
2011Duet 1S(16650)+1P
2012Duet 1S(16850)+1P
2020CyberParallel (1-port)
2021CyberParallel (2-port)
2030CyberSerial (2-port) 16550
2031CyberSerial (2-port) 16650
2032CyberSerial (2-port) 16850
2040Trio 1S(16550)+2P
2041Trio 1S(16650)+2P
2042Trio 1S(16850)+2P
2050CyberSerial (4-port) 16550
2051CyberSerial (4-port) 16650
2052CyberSerial (4-port) 16850
2060Trio 2S(16550)+1P
2061Trio 2S(16650)+1P
2062Trio 2S(16850)+1P
2081CyberSerial (8-port) ST16654

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